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Tuesday, March 06, 2007
Labels Logos and Lea
I don't have too much in the way of funny or important things to say, but I do have some good pics to show.

I just finished a brochure for a manufacturer of Chef apparel. Not a big one...just an 8 pager. As I was looking at all these chef coats, I said to myself "how cool would it be to have your own personalized chef coat and hat to surprise friends with at your next dinner party?" As it turns out...I can order just one coat. So I did.

A coworker of mine who runs a bit on the hefty side has always talked about opening his own diner and calling it "chubby's". Thats just too good a logo opportunity to pass up.

Logos are below.



Anyone recognize the body for chubby? Times up! It's the Stay-Puf marshmallow man from Ghostbusters! The head is my coworker Paul and I must say, it's the spittin image of him. Amazing what illustrator and photoshop can do with a few clicks 'cause god knows I can't draw to save my life.

I probably won't show these off at the PhotoshopWorld Conference which I'm going to in a month but hey...they can't all be masterpieces. The conference is in Boston this year, a place I've never been...so if any of you bloggers out there know of some good spots to hit for cocktails/eats/theater/whatever feel free to throw your 2 cents in the comment box.

The newest addition to the family is doing splendidly. As you can see, she likes to sleep.

sleeping lilac

A friend of mine gave the lucky parents a case of cabernet as a congrats gift.....here's the label I did to put on the bottles. They came out really nicely.


Finally...a work in progress....initially the cat was a few feet away at the end of the couch and it was a photo taken in broad daylight...still not sure what else is happening with this one but it's coming along.


Thats all the news thats fit for print. Pics to come of my actual chef outfit once the stitching is done!

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Saturday, February 17, 2007
Princess Lea
I've never had kids of my own. It wasn't a conscious choice. I actually love kids. Circumstances just never allowed the opportunity to present itself. In lieu of having my own kids, I have, over the years, embraced the various roles of cool uncle, soccer coach, mom's nice boyfriend, babysitter and a variety of other roles with enthusiasm and glee. It helps to enjoy firecrackers and paper airplanes and whoppee cushions and board games as much as my counterparts who are 3 decades younger than me.

A new role was added to my list yesterday. Grandpa. (personally I'm lobbying for Poppy as opposed to grandpa, since I was informed that Big Daddy G was not an acceptable substitute for the more "normal" grandparent monikers.)

Yesterday was also the first time I got to experience the whole hospital waiting room thing and seing a baby right after it's born. Boy....thats some heady stuff. And it wasn't even my kid. Cheryl is bouncing off the ceilings with joy and it was quite a day all around.

So....ladies and gentlemen...without further adieu...I give you Lea, Lea and mom, and Lea and grandma.

6 lbs, 14 oz. 11:58 a.m. 2/16/07



Pretty darn adorable heh?
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Thursday, January 25, 2007
Busy indeed!
Lotta lotta stuff happening here these days and once again I am remiss in posting. However, since Writermom called me "His Excellency" in keeping with my new name, I thought I would take the time to rant about all the stuff I've got going on.

I've just finished the latest mag and am proud to say that I actually had time to remove all the hyphens before it went to press. I have hyphen issues. I love ellipses...don't ask me why cause I have no idea. From an economies of movement perspective it makes much more sense to hyphenate while typing, but while reading I like the way the ellipse connects the dots for me. Get it...dots! God, sometimes I slay myself.

I became a great uncle last month.

I turn 43 in a couple of days. Is this too young to be a great uncle?

Cheryl's daughter is due at any time which makes me a grandfather (kinda, since we're not married). We now have a Pack-n-play in the spare room upstairs. A Pack-n-Plays is a portable crib and they now come with a little sound machine that hooks to the side of it and plays nature noises. The little sound machine also has an MP3 jack, which means I've gotta start making baby playlists. And we have a new Ikea rocking chair for when the baby wakes up in the middle of the night. Apparently Laz-y-Boy chairs are not considered rockers and are also eye-sores and take up too much room so an Ikea rocker it is. Nevermind the fact that once baby girl junior is born and grown-up a little the Ikea rocker won't be the most comfortable thing in the world if you have to sit in it for an ENTIRE football game.

Speaking of marriage...the date is set. June 22 in North Carolina (Raleigh-Durham area) with a small group of family, and then off to Topsail Island to impersonate a pasty white, fat tourist lounging on the beach.

Did I just say impersonate? Nevermind.

Did I say fat? O.k...so maybe I am using my quitting smoking as an excuse to have a few bon bons, However, I can assure you the back of my neck does not resemble a package of hot-dogs and I'm not freebasing ham.

So.....between work and home based work and tickets and reservations and baby stuff, I've been busier than a two-peckered billy goat but I'm happier than a skeeter in a blood bank.

I'm off to Windsor tomorrow to spend the weekend:

a) celebrating the passing of another year of my life
b) taking the casino of all their money
c) trying out this groovy italian place I've wanted to try for a bit
d) all the above.

Oh...and by the way....I did my celebrity look-a-like thing that you've all been doing.

Jeb-Bush my ass. Josh Groban my ass. Michael Buble my ass. WTF...Jeb Bush!!!!

I'm bald, democrat, and have facial hair. is it my nose?

I don't wanna talk about it anymore.
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Friday, December 29, 2006
Please use my full name when addressing me
My Peculiar Aristocratic Title is:
His Excellency Jonathan the Mad of Fiddlehope in the Marsh
Get your Peculiar Aristocratic Title
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Monday, December 25, 2006
I'm international!
My secret santa gift came from a neighbor to the north! from another country! I'm international baby!

I got my secret santa package in the mail 2 days ago and like a good little do-bee, I waited until this morning to open it.

I got me some new tunes! Specifically, an awesome mix of songs ranging from Bob Dylan to Ben Harber to Sam Cooke to Ray Charles to Procol Harum with a bunch of others thrown in. Secret Santa....you've got some damn fine taste in music.

The disc went into the kitchen cd player and accompanied Cheryl and I as we made our christmas breakfast. We both got our groove on over eggs, hash browns, coffee and o.j.

Thanks you thank you thank you and a joyous holiday season to you and yours.


Can you send me the track list? there are a couple of songs on there that I wasn't familiar with and I want (need) to know who they are!

Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
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